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Highway Church of Christ Pillar & Ground


Bishop Carl M. Johnson, Sr was born on June 14 to the late Bishop Albert B. Johnson & the late Mother Edna D. Johnson. He was the youngest of five sons. He was favored by God and married the love of his life Lady Brenetta L. Johnson, daughter of the late Deacon Weston Legette and Sister Bessie G. Legette on October 10, 1981. He was called into the ministry and in 1991after exactly ten years of dedicated and faithful service he was ordained by the late Bishop R.F. Davis and the Greater Highway Churches of Christ, Inc. to the office of Elder.  ​


In the year of 1998, the late Mother Edna D. Johnson began to groom Elder Carl M. Johnson, Sr. to be pastor. He assisted her with pastoral duties at the Sharon Hill church while working tirelessly to prepare the Chester church for its grand opening. During the final stages of his training, Mother Johnson charged him to assist her with the Chester church.


After the opening of the Chester location, Mother Johnson passed the pastoral baton and named Elder Carl M. Johnson, Sr. Pastor of both churches. This appointment was made public record at her meeting with the church congregation on Pastoral Sunday during September of 2004.


On September 3, 2010, after seeking the face of God and walking softly before him, Pastor Carl Johnson received the call to take on the office of a Bishop. He was recommended by faithful brethren and consecrated to the office of Bishop at the Apostolic Heritage Conference by the Presiding prelate Bishop Kenneth Swaringer Sr.


Bishop Carl M. Johnson, Sr., and his wife Elect Lady Brenetta Johnson have been faithfully married for over 35 years. Our pastor is most appreciated for his praying ministry and his motto; "I don't preach for a living, I preach to live again" is witnessed and appreciated by all who come into his presence daily

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