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Highway Church of Christ Pillar and Ground Chester



Our Church was founded in the year of 1957 Sharon Hill, PA by our beloved founders the late Bishop Albert B. Johnson and Mother Edna D. Johnson. Bishop Albert Johnson laid the foundation of the Highway Church of Christ Assoc. Sharon Hill, PA brick by brick where it stands today. We are proud to have been in the Sharon Hill area for more than 50 years. He was the first pastor and led the church faithfully until his passing.

It was in the year of 1980 when Mother Edna D. Johnson took over the church in Sharon Hill. She renovated the building and the congregation grew steadily. The church in Sharon Hill was re-dedicated on Mother's Day, May of 1983. She was an awesome Pastor, women of God, preacher and teacher.

​ In the year 1998 our Founder and National Mother of Greater Highway Churches of Christ, Inc., the Late Pastor Edna D. Johnson, after receiving a vision from God purchased a building in Chester, PA. It was at this time that she began to groom Elder Carl M. Johnson, Sr. to be pastor. He assisted her with pastoral duties at the Sharon Hill church while working tirelessly to prepare the Chester church for its grand opening. During the final stages of his training, Mother Johnson charged him to assist her with the Chester church.

The church in Chester was completed in the year 2000 and what is now known as Highway Church of Christ Pillar and Ground of Truth opened its doors to the Chester, PA community on July 16th of that same year.

After the opening of the Chester location, the Pillar and Ground of Truth Dining Hall and Additional Property Acquisition for Parking was initiated. It was during this step of the renovation that Mother Johnson passed the pastoral baton and named Elder Carl M. Johnson, Sr. Pastor of both churches. Before her passing, she charged Pastor Carl Johnson, his wife, and the remaining members to be strong and continue to stand for Jesus. One of her last statements made to the entire church was; "Don't be afraid, you can do this."

The Pillar and Ground of Truth Dining Hall is now serving the Chester community and surrounding area with one of the finest in catering services which include; seating for up to 300 people, a surround-sound public address system for ease of hearing, music upon request, central air conditioning and heat, custom color-coded table arrangements, elevator assistance for the elderly and handicapped, coat room with an attendant, commercial kitchen and lounging areas.

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